The Pine Tree project was dreamed up by my good friend Barbara Johnson. We worked together with the idea of doing a pine tree motif. I had just been teaching myself spray painting techniques, so I put together some examples. 

I started out by studying different pine tree varieties; noticing how different trees point their branches up; some point down. Then I  cut out  their different shapes from plastic mylar sheets. These shapes could be placed on the wall in different arrangements to look like a forest. 

I chose a dark slate gray blue color for the ceiling and a warm light gray for the wall behind the trees. The ceiling and wall color I mixed together so they would create an even graduation between the two colors. This created a real depth to the ceiling. 

Then the pine tree stencils were placed and taped down and sprayed. I had to place each one individually. I used three different shades of gray for the trees to give them a sense of distance. The trees were the most time consuming because each one had to be taped and paper had to protect all exposed wall areas. I was very careful to keep my work clean and exact. 

In the final stage, I painted a full moon behind the trees. I painted all the birthday constellations of everyone in Barbara's family, including my own. 

The space is in  Barbara Johnshon's basement den. It is a recessed area in her ceiling that is surrounded with LED lighting that changes colors. It was originally a dark beige wall color, Its really a perfect place for this. Barbara Johnson I've known for all my life as she was one of the main mom's in our homeschooling community. It was really great to do this for someone who trusted my judgement on wall color. What a great project!!

Here's a picture of the finished project: