Canvas floor cloths are my latest. A friend of mine gave me this huge roll of cotton canvas primed on one side, so I decided to see if I could put it to use. These are painted with gesso on both sides. The edges on the back are glued down and secured with clamped wood to ensure the canvas doesn't warp. I use high quality acrylic paint to create my artwork. I make stencils to produce a repeating pattern with spray paint. I apply two coats to liquitex high traffic semi-grossly vanish to seal in the artwork and make the canvas waterproof. These are nice because you can wipe them off easily and they protect your floors!

Here are some fun designs I have done recently. The way this works is the more you show up for yourself and start creating the more ideas you have. Now its a steady stream of ideas, its hard to keep up, but just go with the flow.

I was thrilled to get my very first custom order on my shop. Someone had seen the fish floor cloth pictured above and wanted to order it in 8ft. x 5ft  size with the same pattern. Each fish was 21 " long. I went to my father for advice on canvas building, we talked at length about the pros and cons of materials and the best products to use. My Dad, like me is a perfectionist in the best of ways, so I went with the very best. He built me a set of stretcher bars. I get a little possessive about my projects so it was good practice to accept his help and not get frustrated. My dad is battling cancer, so now I take every chance I get to work together. Doing my art full time has been so healing for me during this time of great uncertainty with my family. I love that someone wanted to order this! I was the fuel to get my Etsy site going. 

Here are some pictures of the great Fintactic Fish Floor cloth being made:


Here are some more designs of "The Finastic Fish" design: